Tuesday, May 3, 2011

speak of commitment!

hey hey again! blogger is kinda dull these days, less updates! wats wrong ppl??? 
well i myself have been away from blogger, but the reason is tht i dont have internet access presently.. :/ 

so yah. about life...! i always shared with you the things see and learn from my life.. 
and this time its probably one of the biggest and most unexpected change ive gone thru and also a huge lesson ive learned. 

u knw.. life is all about commitment, taking chances and more time... in my whole life ive always believed this. i know its all really true... but there comes times when u have to make decisions against ur heart. but it may all be just for good.

this time i learned that no matter how much time you giv to a person, and no matter how much you try to prove that u tried, people just dont want to accept it.. and sum ppl are just too ignorant to accept that they make mistakes... 

and guess what.... there is always a time wen u get fed up! fed up of giving chances, fed up of waiting for peoples commitment, fed up of being pushed around, and fed up of being ignored! all i know is i tried, i gave time and i listened! but there is a limit!... so i gave up...! becox no matter how u feel, sumtimes u just have to forget how u feel and remember what you deserve! 

well.. it got really really hard for to adapt to the changes... it actually did hurt... but i guess its all for good again!

and about life all in all... dad is still very very sick and i may have to leave abroad asap! but not sure abt the date yet.. and home is still crowded and im dont feel very good there...soo im still living in hulhumale with ibu.. .and we are actually have some great time.... hes the best brother ever.. i luv him soo much.. <3

and about the job.. they called for orientation and dragged us there for two days and sed that they'll call and let us know the date wen we have to start work... sooo its all about waiting.. AGAIN!

sooo yah.. tht was a brief update about life... im hoping for better changes... insha allah everything will fall into place eventually!

soo luv ya all bloggers! miss ya!
dont stop blogging!... cheeers!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Its been a long time yeah? I know I know!
But lifes been a bit hectic. And I happen to spend a lot more days in tumblr rather than blogger.
But hey, here I am. So lets move on…

About my birthday! It was great! I got a surprise from mom and family at midnight. I got a cheesecake and we had pizza and coke.. and on my birthday, nathu and I went on a lil walk, and spent a lot of time doing crazy stuff. She was actually trying to get me ready and take me to my 2nd surprise party of the day.
So after hanging around for a long time both of us FINALLY headed to central and there were all the people I LOVE! Thnks to everyone.. I had a great 18th birthday!

Well march was full of birthdays of different people, friends and family.
And then here is April, first 3 days were ok. Just normal! Wake up eat, browse browse browse…
But dad got real sick and had to go to the hospital with him several times. And now here I am. In hulhumale’, getting damn bored, but trying to take care of dad and myself. I had to change the environment I was In previously after a little incident that occurred recently.

Well anyways, im still waiting for a job, its real hard to cope with everyday life while im jobless.
But this week has been a lottt of fun! A frnd let us borrow a ps2 so tht we cud play at home without being bored. Nathu and her boy came over  everyday to play ps and we cook and eat and go for walks. It was great. Got to spend real great time with nathu.. J

So anyways??? How hav u bloggers been? i didn’t update my blog,  but I do visit urs regularly! So no worries! Have a great time! Will catch u later… sooner insha allah! Cyu.. taataa!!  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

downnn down down.. and up again!!!

hi again guyzz!!
these days were okayy.. but pretty frustrating at times!
well soo wats new is tht muthu turned 18 yesterday, just 3 days older than me veema v fonivefa hunnanee! hmph

went to his party and got to meet a lot of friends from school.. i actually had a great time with muthu, muuthi, ruku and all the otherss!!

i actually realized that, no matter how many things i had to deal with back then, i was such a happy person cox i had all my friends! i had muuthi and muthu just next door, nathu at the next block and everybody just close enough to get in touch with anytime!!

i might have not been a more responsible person back then, but i was happy!
maybe now im just growing up and thts y i stress out easily, but i dont want to turn into a stressed and depressed old lady wen im only gonna turn 18!

i got less contacts of my friends wen i shifted to male and wen i started working and stuff... i feel the lack of friends now, because i need them...! and like i sed earlier.. everyone has their lives to deal with...! so its gonna be kinda hard for them to manage time too huh! 

still.. i miss all my friends! the ones who went to different islands and countries too as well as the ppl here in male!.. you guys are the ppl who ive been together for 5 whole years! really miss you guys! :)

oh and tunight... i went to a wedding at raanbaa! the fud was great! hehe.. mann...! weddings really do make me emotional! its just sooo happy to see ppl happy and to see tht two ppl are finally becoming one! alhamdlillah!
after that went to a party next door and had an AWESOME blackforest cake! yummmyy! the cake wishlist for my bday is increasing and increasing... the list tops up with chocolate mousse cake, then the blackforest cake, rainbow cake and cheesecake, and dhen neynge yummyyy!!!

alsoo! guess wat is torturing me like hell!!! the cold which has been stuck with me for more than a MONTH! yes a month! O_O... man its so annoying... and tunight i just got fever again! my head aches, my back aches.. actually my whole body aches! its just tooooo disturbing.. soo ive had some meds now and off to sleep now!!
[pic from tumblr! and yah.. i loove the pic... thts the reason y i put it there!!]
sooo bye bye guys... have an awesome time!! luv u guys a lot! :) :) gudnight!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


so yah life changes! so much each day! and thus people change, it doesnt exclude me either.
well to begin with! i was working last month and i never thought i would leave it just after a month.! but i did! of cox i had my own reasons. and then there's my family life right??? well i was living with my mom and aunt and her kids and mom's kokko!

but then came some more people and it got bit crowded at home... i wanted some time with a little bit less pressure, so ive moved to dhonbe ge place for abt 2 or 3 months! but i miss mom and others at home! but it isnt bad over here either!

moving on! comes the people most close to you in life. well the way they treat you, the way they react to what you say, the way they behave around you, it all changes! even  the most unexpected! but hey, they've all got their own life huh? maybe its just me who has way too much expectations from people, when the truth is that everyone has their own issues to deal with. right?

i realli thought about this issue and i thought, even if any person is a close person to me, they have their own things to deal with. its not only me in their lives, but so many other things too. sooo i shudnt even expect too much time for me from them. but i still do think that just some time is important.! because there are some people from whom i want to feel that im important! like my very close frnds, family etc...

As for me, i agree i changed a lot after i finished school. the same thing happened to me. i had MANY MANY issues to deal with. so the time i spent with my frnds and people were very much less than earlier. but i tried to give time to everyone. and from now on i will try even more to spend time with my loved ones becox ive realised how much it hurts when you feel like you are just another person to your loved ones!

Now that i dont have much to do, im thinking of going jogging some days, not to lose weight (i dont have any weight to lose :P) but because i miss my sporty self. i miss the sporty me at school. i thought maybe ill be way more refreshed and stress free and ofcox healthy if i start doing some exercise. so yah! wish me luck. :)

welll and i thought ill try this format instead of the center alligned format this time... i thought this was looks better.! but lets see.! u guys recommend! [pic from my tumblr, it may not match with the post but i just like the pic.. xD] annndd! bye for now!

Friday, February 4, 2011

a page from my life!

How do you guys describe a normal life?? 
for a teenage girl..??

Heres wat i believe from wat ive seen and learned from different people and different friends of mine..
Of cox  a normal life is a happy family, 
good education, good job,a place to live, enough clothes and food!

but hey?? ever thought about the difference of a TEENAGER?
ive seen a LOT of ppl who are suffering! but for me i have a very normal life!
complicated family issues, (seperated parents each one with their own issues)
extended family who gives a damn headache at times!
great friends but sumtimes we have our own lil problems!
VERY stressful money matters! (rent. bills blah blah)
Studies is gud!
getting hold of a good enough job! 
(im still waiting for tht government one!)

Wat ive been trying to do since i completed my o'levels was to continue my studies without doing A' lvls but with my own spending! 
as soon as my parents got seperated i wanted to take care of my mother! so first thing i did was to get a job!
started my studies and managed to pay the class fees, give something for rent, spend for me and moms personal stuff, and pay the internet bill. 
i managed to do that for quiet sometime but unfortunately i left my job due to some health issues and also some problems in the office! so i took a long break from work, but guess wat!
being jobless at 17yrs of age was more hectic than working! 
of cox i got a whole day to hangout at home! but it used to giv me headaches! 
i had soo much to deal with! i dont want to make dad spend on me so much! both mom and dad have done so much for me, and being an only child has given a lot! i thought its time for me to do something for them!

and thts y im searching for a well paid job and a place i cud afford to live alone with mom!
well well! there goes!

Some highlights about my life!
well, for me! this is my normal life!
how abt u guys? 
wats ur life like?? do u call this normal?? or do you have easier or HARDER lives??

[pic from tumblr]
sudden fun fact about me!
# mom says it was hard to walk on the road with me because i used to stop and read all the names of the houses and shops wen i walk along!
for right now! im off.. 
buh bye!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


its beeen sooo longg..
i had the intention to update but wasnt able to do so.. 
since life has been keeping me so busy...

Anyways ive been trying to find a one room apartment for me and mom.. 
but havent got hold of a good enough one yet..
trying to shift by the end of this month...
trying our best... if u guys have any suggestions do let me knowww.. 

anddd.. ive been oh so busy at work...
i have an awesome bunch of frnds there... 
it sure is pretty hectic at times... but then again getting to learn alot..
from the bad and from the good...
oh btw... there is just one more month to go... for my birth month to come.. :)
yayyy. .cant wait... cox im gonna turn 18.. but dheraves vey... ehaa avahah bodu vaathee.. :/
but whu cares.... here goes life!
i may post a birthday wish list to the blog sometime.
but my major want right now is a huge blackforest cake!!! yummyy!! 

my biggest inspiration these days is my tumblr.. :)

Anywaysss.. wats been up with you guys??
how is life treating you??
keep me updated...
even though i dont update my blog so often... i do visit u guys oki.. :)
its so great to have luvly bloggers like u.. :)

[pic from tumblr... i luv ferreros.... yummyy]

can remember a fun fact tonight.. sooo laterzz..
bye for now...

Friday, December 31, 2010

here comes 2011

hei guys..
first things first!
wish u all a happy 2011.!!

moving on..
remember i mentioned about starting work..
yah soo the previous week has been a busy one..
ofyc home, home ofyc, and class! sooo i dont get much free time. have to do night shifts too.
BUT.. its all worth it...
like i said... it has been making my bored time very very very less..
i met a bunch of AWESOME frnds...
also had a chance to go on the ofyc trip but i skipped it..

BUT i miss Him a loooottt!!! 
but then again... 
it all happens for good right??
soo its ok... cox we do see each other..and i value each and every moment together..

on the occasion of the new year..
lets tell you about somethings im hoping to do..
*be a gud daughter..
*be a gud girlfriend..
*be a gud friend..
*be a gud sister..
*be a gud employee..

sudden fun fact about me for tunite..
# mom says i used to eat raw onions hama ekkoh... 
when i think of it now.. i go YUCK!
i dont remember eating the like tht.. but oh gawd!! i was such a kid!

message before leaving..
this new year..
i want to love my family as much as i can..
try my best to be the best girlfriend ever..!!
annddd be an AWESOME friend..
my message for you guys is the same..
but just remember...
you dont need to change yourself..  just be YOU! cox thts wat makes you special.. :)
[pic from weheartit]

soo.. bye for now..
and happy new year guys!!

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